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Say goodbye to tampons and sanitary pads! The menstrual cup is a much more economic solution!
And it's also eco friendly because it's reusable and can last up until 10 years!

JimmyJane has developed a kit with 2 cups of different sizes. One for the days of higher flow and the other for days of lower flow. Produced in the best quality silicone, and flexible to ensure comfort throughout the day.

Designed for a perfect internal fit, allowing the the menstrual flow collection without leaks or odors.
The cup stays sustained by the vacuum and vaginal muscles.

See through the images the correct way to use the menstrual cup: 

- Sterilize the cup before the first usage and in the end of each menstrual cycle. You can place it in boiling water during 2-4 minutes;
- After placing the cup, insert one finger and feel around the cup to certify that is completely open and in touch with the vagina walls;
- The cup must be withdrawn and leaked from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the flow intensity;
- In the end of the cycle and after the cup sterilization, leave it to dry and save it in the satin bag, on a cool and ventilated place;
- Do not share your cup with other women;
- In case of irritation or inflammation, stop using the cup and contact your doctor;
- Remove the menstrual cup before the sexual act. To be able to have intercourse without discomfort during the menstruation, choose to use Soft Tampons.

To Remove:
- Pull the tab gently until you reach the base. Then tighten the cup to release the vacuum and pull slowly until you remove it completely. Use the vaginal muscles to help eject the cup.

Out of Home:
- Throw the collected blood into the toilet, clean it with disinfectant, and reinsert it.

Produced in medical and soft , body-safe, without phthalates, latex, fragrances or dyes, 100% Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial Silicone.
Includes storage bag.


Brand: Jimmy Jane
Small Glass
Diameter: 43mm
Cup length: 40mm
Total length: 55mm
Capacity: 14ml

Large Glass
Diameter: 45mm
Cup length: 50mm
Total length: 65mm
Capacity: 21ml
- Discreet Packaging on all orders
- Delivery within 48 hours, workdays, if you order before 4:00 p.m.