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Bath Slime is a bath additive developed by Rends. In the twinkling of an eye it can turn a whole tub into a perfumy, slimy bathing experience. The viscid bathing water will quicken your imagination! Sexual intercourse in Bath Slime is harmless. We invite you to this novel bathing experience

Simply shake, add to your warm bathwater, and wait a few minutes. Your water will soon turn into an aromatic gel lotion that is fun or your own, but especially with a partner.

- Each bottle will transform 200 liters of water into sensual bath slime.
- Safe for intercourse, may even be used as lubricant.
- May be used in whirlpools.
- After use, the bath slime drains away as usual.
- After bathing, remove all resudue with warm water.


- Discreet Packaging on all orders
- Delivery within 48 hours, workdays, if you order before 4:00 p.m.